We are a non-governmental organization, gathering active people, who are looking for new solutions changing the educational reality.

We introduce a style of teaching, education and socio-cultural animation releasing activity to its members in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect for subjectivity.

We do believe that everyone has creative potential and can develop oneself.


  • Conducts training activities for adults,

  • Organizes and conducts feasts and events for small and large groups addressed to children, youth and adults,

  • Organizes conferences, meetings and methodical trainings,

  • Implements projects addressed to various professional groups, also outside the country,

  • Offers an attractive opportunities for trainees and volunteers

  • Implements a publishing plan

KLANZA is a known organization on the educational Polish market and also abroad. Association Headquarters and Training Center is located in Lublin; in Poland there are 15 local structures and 8 patronage branches.

The Training Center came into operation in 2000 – non-public, improvement institution for teachers with the nationwide range, registered at the Ministry of National Education under DN. 2.14123/rej/18/00.

The KLANZA offer includes about 110 authorized workshops. Classes are conducted by 80 highly-qualified trainers and animators. We mainly train teachers, but also culture animators, educators, social workers and catechists. We are distinguished by the specific character and style of work - a unique Klanza’s trademark.

The Association has the status of public benefit organization.

In 2004 Klanza’s achievements have been awarded with the prestigious prize Pro Publico Bono.


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